a small cheesy tune

photoFirst time using the studio since it’d been re-arranged and re-wired last Sunday, all the equipment seemed strangely bringing a slight new feeling today.

It had been a rather stressful environment at home recently being both of us had other responsibilities to attend to and not being able to solely focus on making music. I guess it is a rather common issue for a lot of people. (C’est la vie, you may say..) It could be rather frustrating, but I think it could also bring out a different feel in the music in the time like this.

Still trying to get ‘the feel’ from the new arrangement; nevertheless, change is a good thing.

Also looking forward to the Ikeda concert at Barbican this evening.

a small sweet odd couple

After waiting for 3 and half hours in the local council for a mere business that took the officer less than 10 minutes with me, I was out on the street cold and hungry. ‘What to eat?’ I pondered while heading home. I decided to have instant noodles. So I turned into a small local Chinese shop. The female shop-owner sat behind the small counter and did not even look up when I walked in. Familiar with the layout of the shop, I walked straight down to the very end of the shop to the instant noodle section. There was no one else in the shop.

I spent a little time choosing the flavour that would fit my mood and my stomach. While walking towards the front of the shop, I heard someone came in to the shop. I couldn’t see the person as s/he was ducking behind the shelves.


A male voice asked the female shop-owner with a strange and rigid intonation. I saw his face, It was the male shop-owner, the husband, coming back with a load of goods.

I noticed that the husband had been learning English. Only a couple of months ago, he could only point to the screen of the till to show me how much I need to pay. Now, he could speak out the sum amount slowly and timidly.

The wife replied to him in a dialect that I couldn’t understand. A playful and slightly cheeky smile spread out on the husband’s face.

I paid for my pack of instant noodles and walked out of the shop. The sentence ‘how are you?’ echoed in my ears, and I felt a little warm smile crawling up to my face.


Today’s upload is one half of a quick jam with Martin. You may listen to it alone or together with Martin’s upload.

Martin’s upload,



A small turn

When your questioning goes deeper and deeper you will get no answer until finally you will reach a cul-de-sac, your thinking totally checked. You won’t find anything within that can be called ‘I’ or ‘Mind’. But who is it understands all this? Continue to probe more deeply yet and the mind that perceives there is nothing will vanish; you will no longer be aware of questioning but only of emptiness. When awareness or even emptiness disappears, you will realize that there is no Buddha outside Mind and no Mind outside Buddha. Now for the first time you will discover that when you do not hear with your ears you are truly hearing and when you do not see with your eyes you are really seeing Buddha of the past, present and future. But don’t cling to any of this, just experience it for yourself.

Zen Master Bassui

A very belated entry. For the past few weeks, making music did not seem right to me. I knew that I would have to go through this kind of time somewhen this year, but just did not expect that it would come this soon. I am glad that I stopped for a while so to allow myself to re-organise my thoughts. As a result, I have come to a decision that I will only be making entries every Tuesdays and Thursdays, also one over the weekends. For the rest of the time, I will focus on the other very important task in my life at the moment.

Thanks for all your supports so far. And a special THANK YOU for my dear partner, Martin, for all your patience, encouragement, and sitting me down in front of the equipment.

in/out of tune


Slowly tuning back in to the old routine. Feeling the mood of making a quick small tune this afternoon to celebrate the blue sky and the sunshine.





From my fourth-floor room overlooking infinity, in the viable intimacy of the falling evening, at the window before the emerging stars, my dreams – in rhythmic accord with the visible distance – are of journeys to unknown, imagined, or simply impossible countries.

- Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

When making this upload, an image of ships sailing on the dark sea popped to my mind. I remembered that I once read a sentence describing two ships silently passing each other in the dark in The Book of Disquiet. Yet, I somehow cannot find the sentence I was thinking. Instead, I came across this short entry, which fits my state of searching for a possibly imagined sentence/encounter perfectly.


This upload will be the last ‘coupling’ sounds that I plan to do for the time away. I think it is good time to move on to a new task that I set for myself to keep this daily entry going.

The biggest challenge I have found from doing this coupling of two sounds is to find the hidden harmony that may exist between two sounds. Since I have set myself a strict rule of coupling sounds by a predetermined order (Martin’s last February sounds), I have to find a way to mix two sounds together in one way or another in spite of the fact that the two may have very different qualities. When encountering difficulty of finding the balance, I often think about the experience of listening to the music while on public transport.

I don’t normally listen to the music when traveling, especially on the Underground. I think the reason is self-explanatory that it is simply impossible to listen to the sounds properly, either the music or the ‘noise’. I often wondering what people are ‘actually’ listening to from their little earbuds. One time, out of curiosity (and of course the boredom as well), I decided to ‘try’ to listen to Pole‘s album ‘1‘ when traveling on the Underground.

Instead of being annoyed by the drowning mid-low rumble, I enjoyed the solitary of the higher frequency piercing through the drone. Following the movement of the train, the main melody would gain its focus, flickering, then retreated to the background. Different frequencies broke down to tiny groups of wave, came to the foreground, then rolled back to the distance. The whole album was deconstructed to familiar and yet inconsistent pieces finding new ways to restructure with each other, and with the outside world.

I find myself rather enjoy listening to certain albums in this way; furthermore, such experience inspires me the method for my coupling practice.

sound source:

Snd 51 variation, http://www.mono-log.org/blog/snd_59



After a couple days of resting since returning to England, I have finally found a little bit of ‘head space’ to catch up with the daily blog entry.

Apology for the delay.

sound source:

Further Edits, http://www.mono-log.org/blog/snd_58


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